Story of the Concorde

Catalogue Number: DEMDVD1947

Barcode: 5060474053143


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Concorde was an extraordinary technological achievement borne out of an era when supersonic travel captivated imaginations.

But its path from drawing board to flight was fraught with difficulty, every aspect of Concorde’s design and construction pushed back the frontiers of technology: its aerodynamics, engines, even construction methods. It was also an extraordinary achievement in international cooperation, setting new production standards and methods for generations to come.

This programme presents a unique insight into the development. Of Concorde, going behind the scenes at the many sites in France and Britain.

The programme also features rare archive of the experimental aircraft built to test many of the technologies that went into Concorde.

Of special interest are interviews recorded with the late Brian Trubshaw and Andre Turcat, chief test pilots for the Concorde programme in Britain and France respectively. The programme is brought right up to date with the tragic crash in Paris, the triumphal return to flight and the memorable images of Concorde’s last return to London’s Heathrow airport.

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